Submitting a Rules File Update

Internet users can submit Rules Files Updates via email.

Updating the database is done by sending email to the Echolist Robot at

The Subject line determines the robot's action:

Depending on the action requested, ECHOBASE will read the message, add the echo to (or update, delete) the echolist database, add a rule file, send a netmail response, announce the echo and forward a submission to the EList.

Rule Update Messages

Subject: MOD RUL
Body of Message
From: your_email_address
TAG Your_echo_tag
PASSword Your_password
RULEText Rules for Your_echo
Text of the rules goes here

Terminating the message

So that Echobase will know when to stop reading the message for keywords, you need to include a line beginning with three-dashes to indicate the end of a message.

Here's a final, full example.
This message sends the rules file for the echo GIGO

PASSword Iwillnottell
RULEText Rules for area GIGO
An open forum on GIGO and related third party products
    This conference is a moderated forum for discussion of issues
    concerning GIGO and related third-party software.
    Conferees can ask questions of the author of GIGO,
    and many of the experienced users in the conference.
    This conference is available both as a FTSC echo, and as a mailing list.

Detailed Moderator Update Information - Send MODerator RULe Message

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