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12_STEPSRecovery for "ALL" 12 Steppers
Moderator: Allen Prunty1:2320/100
AN echo designed for the sharing of EXPERIENCE, STRENGTH and HOPE for those practicing the 12 steps of recovery program, as it applies in their current on-going processes of personal growth. An online meeting place where you can share your struggles and triumphs. This echo is gated with alt.recovery.aa. Due to the nature of this echo and to provide the participants with a place to release some of the messages may at times have strong language and the conversation may become heated at times. Since anyone working a 12-step program may request anonynimity, aliases are encouraged and anonymous postings are allowed.
Group: FIDO
Volume: 500/mo
Nodes: N/A
Origin: 1:2320/100Gates: alt.recovery.aa (Filtered) (Adult)
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4DOS4DOS Support Echo
Moderator: Renato Zambon4:801/161, rczambon at
Forum for discussion of the JPSoft family of software, including 4DOS, 4OS2, 4NT. (dead area with zero msgs in +1year, please remove from your setup, or let me know if you want to adopt and revive it)
Restrictions apply
Group: FIDO
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