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4DOS4DOS Support Echo
ABLEDdisABLED Users Information Exchange.
ADEPT_SYSOPAdeptXBBS Sysop-Only Help and Discussion Group
ALASKA_CHATAlaska and Yukon Open Topic Chatter
AMBERNETAmberNet Primary Echo for General Discussion
AM_4SALEItems for Sale
AM_BADSBBS Advertisements
AM_BARTERBarter and Counter-Trade
AM_BIZADSBusiness Advertising
AM_BIZOPSBusiness Opportunites and Offers
AM_CAREERSJob Announcements/Positions Wanted
AM_DEVAmberNet File Announcements
AM_HOMEBIZHome Business and Allied Fields
AM_SYSOPAmberNet Sysop Echo
AM_WOMBIZAmberNet Women in Business
AM_WOMWORKWomen in the workplace
ANTIQUESFidoNet Antiques and Vintage collections
ANTI_VIRUSVirii, Worms & Trojans prevention
AQUARIUMFresh and Marine Fishkeeping
ARGUSArgus (and its clones) Support Echo
ARTWARETimEd, NetMgr, WIMM, JAMINFO Support Conference
ARTWARE-NEWTimEd and NetMgr Support
ASCII_ARTASCII Artware- G-rated
ATARI_STAtari Stuff - All things Atari
AUDIOAudio Unlimited
BABYLON5Babylon 5 Discussions
BAMAOdyssey Fringe Science Research Echo
BARTERDiscussions relative to Barter (Trade)
BBBS.ENGLISHThe International BBBS Support Echo
BBBSFDNBBBS FDN Discussions, Announcements, etc.
BBS_ADSBBS Advertisements
BBS_CARNIVALBBS Software Chatter
BGFAXBGFax discussions
BINKDThe ubiquitous BinkD TCP/IP FTN mailer
BIZINESSBusiness Echo
BUSINESSFor Business Discussions
CANPOLThe Canadian Politics Echo
CFORSALECommercial for Sale Echo
CHATTERMindless Chatter Conference
CHRONIC_PAINChronic Pain Discussion Area
CHWARECheepware Support/Discussion
CIVLIBPlace Holder Tag
COAST2COASTAMDiscussion of the Coast To Coast AM talk show
COFFEE_KLATSCHGossip and chit-chat echo
COMMCommunications Echo
COOKINGNational Cooking Echo
CROSSFIREPolitics And Current Events.
DADSThe Dads Discussion/Support Echo
DBRIDGED'Bridge Support Echo
DBRIDGE_BBSD'Bridge & BBS Utilities
DELETE_MESo, this line is the Title or Summary Description
DELPHIBorland Delphi Developers Echo
DIABETESCotrol of Diabetes
DIRTY_DOZENSysOp Warning on Trojans, Viruses, Bombs etc
DOGHOUSEInternational Dog Lovers Echomail Conference
DOOMDOOM (and other 3D games) discussion and support.
DOORWAREGeneral Door Development Forum
DOSGeneral discussion on Disk Operating Systems (MS-DOS, e
DRAKEDiscussions concerning R. L. Drake Communications Equip
EASTSTAREastern Star Mail Hub Administration Echo
EC13Place Holder
ECHOLISTEchoList Access Conference
ECHOPOLEchopol - There is none
EMERGCOMemergency and disaster communications by radio
ESSNASAEarth & Space Science + NASA
EYMERICH.ITAI Romanzi di Nicolas Eymerich
FEED_CUTDesigned to inform users, sysops and *EC's of echo feed
FIDOnull echo
FIDO-REQFIDONet File Announcements & Requests (Int'l)
FIDOGAZETTEFidoGazette: An Alternative Newsletter
FIDOMAILFidonet Echomail Backbone Public Echo
FIDONETThe network is going away
FIDONEWSDiscussion of the Fidonet Newsletter, Fidonews.
FIDOPOLSFidonet Policy Discussion And Adoption Forum
FIDOSOFT.HUSKYHusky fido software development/support
FIDOTIMESFidonet News, Comments and History
FIDO_UTILFidonet Related SysOp Utils and Apps Discussion
FILEGATEIFDC FileGate Project(sm) International Echo
FILE_MOVERSFile Echo Distribution
FMAIL_HELPFmail Help Echo
FNBThe Fidonet Backbone
FN_SYSOPFidonet Sysop Flame Echo
FOXPROFoxPro and Allied Database products
FTNHUBThunderdome Server Project support echo
FTSC.WG.AFTSC (Group A, General)
FTSC.WG.BFTSC (Group B, Connection and Protocols)
FTSC.WG.CFTSC (Group C, Messages and Routing)
FTSC.WG.DFTSC (Group D, The Nodelist)
FTSC.WG.EFTSC (Group E, Gating and Other Networks)
FTSC.WG.YFTSC (Group Y, Software Issues)
FTSC_PUBLICFTSC Public Discussion
GIGOSupport for GIGO Gateway Software
GOLDEDGoldEd+ Goldware FIDO Message Editor Plus
HAMAmateur Radio Discussions
HAM-SALESales of Amateur Radio Equipment
HAM_TECHAmateur (HAM) Radio TECHnical Conference
HERMES_SYSOPSHermes II BBS Operators Support
HIJACKMEDesigned as a Test of The Echolist Robot
HOLYSMOKEReligion Debate Echo - HEATED
HOST18Region 18 Coordinator Discussion Echo
HTMLEDITDiscussions in reference to HTML Editing, tools and rel
ICOMIntellicomm (ICOM) Technical Support
IC_SURVIVORConvenient Repository for IC_SURVIVOR
INTERNETDiscussion about the Internet
ITALIANOItalians do it better
JDEBPHelp for Jonathan de Boyne Pollard's 32bit Os/2 command
LATINOLatin Chat Echo
LIMBAUGHLimbaugh Related
LINUXThe Linux Operating System
LINUX-FEDORALinux Redhat Fedora distribution
LINUX-MANDRAKELinux - Mandrake Discussion Forum
LINUX-REDHATLinux - Mandrake Discussion Forum
LINUX-UBUNTUThe Ubuntu Linux Distribution Discussion/Support Echo
LORDLegend of the Red Dragon
LURKERAn Echo where most don't post
MACCOMMCommunications using Apple Systems
MACHWDiscussions about Apple MacIntosh Hardware
MACSWDiscussions about Apple MacIntosh Software
MADMAILCrazy mail movers
MAINDOORMain Door for Business Users
MATHMathematics discussion
MATZDOBREThe Mad Dog Matzdobre Echo
MBSEThe Linux/FreeBSD MBSE BBS Support Echo
MKMythical Kingdom
MODEMSModems Unlimited
MOD_COUNCILDiscussions concerning Echomail Distribution and a Mode
MORSEDiscussions about Morse Code
MOVIESMovies & TV Discussion
MUSICMusic Unlimited
NETLINECoordination Echo for *.C's of the Other Networks
NFLNational Football League scores, discussion, etc.
NHLThe National Hockey League Echo
NLP_OTHEROther Nodelist Processor Support Echo
NORTONNorton/Symantec Utilities
OLDTRUCKOldTruck: What can you do with them??? Barter!!!!
OS2BBSOS/2-native BBSing
OS2HARDWARE-LOS2 HARDWARE mailing list gated from Yahoo
OS2HWOS/2 Hardware
OS2INETThe Internet and OS/2 Integration and Use
OS2LANOS/2 Local Area Networks
OS2PROGThe FidoNet OS/2 Programming Echo
OS2USER-LOS2 User mailing list gated from Yahoo
OTHERNETSOtherNets: Information on Networks other than FidoNet
OTHRECHOEchoList of Echoes in Alternative Networks
P5DRAFTConference for Discussion of Policy 5 DRAFT
PASCAL_LESSONSPascal Programming Lessons
PDNECHOProgrammers Distribution Network Echo
PERLFDNPERL FDN Discussions, Announcements, etc.
PKEY_DROPPublic-Key Distribution Echo
POINTSPoint usage discussion and systems support.
POLITICSPolitical Discussion
POL_DISORDERPolitical Disorder Discussion Area
POL_INCPolitically Incorrect
PORTUGUESPortuguese Language Chat Echo
PUBLIC_KEYSPublic-Key Discussion Echo
QRPAmateur Radio Low Power
QUESTION/ANSWER_BOXAsk a Question, Get an answer from Fido Experts!
QUIK_BASQuickBASIC Programming Echo
R13Region 13 Echo
R13COORDRegion 13 Echo
R13OPSRegion 13 Operations Echo
R13SYSOPRegion 13 Sysops Echo
R13_ADMINRegion 13 Administrator Echo
R13_ELECTIONRegion 13 Election Echo
R14_CHATRegion 14 General Chat Forum
R14_RCRegion 14 RC Discussion Forum
R14_RECRegion 14 REC Discussion Forum
R18ELECTRegion 18 Election Echo
R18FILERegion 18 File Announcement Echo
R18HUBRegion 18 Hub Echo
R18_RC5Region 18 RC5 Team and Interest Echo
R19COORDRegion 19 Coordinator Conference
R19SYSOPRegion 19 Sysops Conference
RARRAR Archiver Support Conference International
RA_32BIT32Bit RemoteAccess Discussion Echo
RA_BALTWASHRemoteAccess SYSOPS in Baltimore/Washington Area
RA_MULTIRemoteAccess Multi-Node Sysops Echo
RA_SUPPORTRemoteAccess Support Echo
RA_UTILRemoteAccess Utilities Echo
RCCRegional Coordinator Communications
RENEGADE_BBSRenegade Software Discussion Area
RETAIL_HORRORAn outlet for the horror stories of Retail Shopping or
RTTYRadio Teletype
SCANRADIOScanner, Monitor Radio Discussion Forum
SCIENCEInternational Science Echo
SCOUTERInternational SCOUTER Echo
SHAREWARE_SUPPORTShareWare Software Support Conference
SHORTWAVEShortwave Listening
SOFTWARE_MARKETINGSoftware Marketing/Business
SPITFIRESpitfire BBS Support And Chat Echo
SQAFIXSqaFix Help and Information Echo
SYSOP18Region 18 Sysop Only Echo
TEAMOS2OS2 User groups and grass roots promotion
TERMINATTerminate Point System
TG_SUPPORTOfficial Telegard BBS Support
UFGATEUsenet-Fidonet Gating methods
USR_MODEMSUS Robotics Modems Echo
VATICANNews direct from the Vatican Information Service (VIS).
VIASOFTViasoft Product Discussion Forum
VIRUSAnti-Virus Discussion/Solutions/etc
VIRUS_INFOAnti-Virus Discussion/Solutions/etc
WEATHERNational Weather Network
WHITEHOUSEWhite House Press Releases(READ ONLY)
WHITEHOUSE_TALKDiscussion of White House Press Releases
WIFIWireless Fidelity, Wireless Networking Echo
WIN95Windows Discussion
WORDSTARWordstar Discussions
YAHOONEWSYahoo Headline News (Aged RSS updates)
Z1CZone 1 Coordinator Contact Conference DNS Discussions, Announcements, etc.
Z1REGCONZone 1 Regional Coordinator's Echo
Z1_ROUTINGEcho Routed Netmail Discussion
ZCC-PUBLICZone Coordinator Council's Public echo
ZECZone 1 Echomail Coordinator Echo

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